Vitamins, Vitamin Sources, Vitamin B12 Complex

Vitamins, Vitamin Source, Vitamin B12 Complex

Vitamin B12 Complex

What Is Vitamins?

Vitamins are the Organic Compounds which are necessary for good health and life functions. Our body does not make it on its own. We obtain it from the foods we take.

“Casimir Funk” first coined this term “Vitamine”.

What are the functions of the Vitamins?

  • Vitamins give a resistance of the body against different diseases.
  • It helps us to maintain proper health and normal growth.
  • It helps in the digestion and utilization of the minerals and carbohydrates.
  • It prevents and cures various diseases caused by deficiency.

Basically Vitamins are of two types

  1. Water-Soluble Vitamins
  2. Fat-Soluble Vitamins.

Water Soluble Vitamins:– Those Vitamins which are soluble in Water known as Water Soluble Vitamins. It cannot be stored in the human tissues. Excess of these vitamins excreted through urine. They are Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin-C.

Fat-Soluble Vitamins:– Those Vitamins which are soluble in Fat known as Fat-Soluble Vitamins. These can be stored in the tissues and Liver of the human body for later use. They are Vitamin A,D,E,K.

Chart of Vitamin With their Chemical Name is Given Here

VitaminsChemical names
Vit-CAscorbic Acid

Chart of Vitamins B Complex with Their Chemical Names is given Here

Vitamins B-complexChemical names
Vit-B5Pantothenic Acid
Vit-B9Folic Acid

Chart of vitamins with their sources and functions

Vitamin Source
Vit-A* Carrots
* Mango
* Meat & Eggs
* Fish
* Papaya
* Regulate Immunity System.
* Generates pigments for the Retina
* Bone & Tooth development.
* It maintains the surface lining of eyes.
Vit-B1* Milk
* Cereals
* Eggs
* Cauliflower
* It Stabilises our Appetite.
* It produces energy from carbohydrates.
Vit-B2* Liver
* Cheese
* Eggs
* Beans
* formation of RBC and antibodies.
* It helps in cell respiration.
* Produce energy from Carbohydrates
Vit-B3* Tomatoes
* Dates
* Spinach
* Carrots
* Produce energy from Carbohydrates.
* It improves circulations
Vit-B12* Eggs
* Milk
* Fish
* Chicken
* Prevention of Anemia
* Energy Production
* DNA reproduction
Vit-C* Lemon
* Citrus Fruits
* Kiwi
* Tomatoes
* It helps in absorbing iron from plant sources
* It keeps our Gums healthy.
* Helps in the healing of wounds.
Vit-D* Sunlight
* Milk
* Eggs
* Cheese
* Helps in growth & development of Bones.
* It helps in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium.
Vit-E* Nuts
* Pomegranates
* Olive Oil
* Mango
* It acts as an anti-blood-clotting agent in the body.
* It protects the cell membrane
* It helps in normal growth of hair.
Vit- K* Spinach
* Eggs
* Soyabean
* Meat
* It helps in Blood Coagulation
* It acts as an antioxidant.
Vitamin D sources

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Chart of Vitamins and their Deficiency Diseases.

Vit-ANight Blindness
Vit-B3Diarrhea / Weakness
Vit-B12Anemia / Fatigue
Vit-EInfertility in Male & Female
Vit-KInability of Blood Clotting

One liner related to competitive exams

  • Vitamin Necessary for the healthy skin – Vitamin-C
  • Chemical Name of Vitamin-C is Ascorbic Acid
  • Vitamin-C is mainly found in Citrus fruits.
  • Vitamin-C helps in the absorption of iron from the food.
  • Vitamin-K is responsible for the clotting of blood
  • The main source of Vitamin-D is Sunlight.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin-D is known as Ricket.
  • Fat-soluble vitamins are A,D,E,K.
  • Water-Soluble Vitamins are B and C
  • The chemical name of Vitamin B is Thiamine
  • Chemical Name of Vitamin-A is Retinol.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin A is known as Night Blindness.

Click here to download Vitamins and its Sources in PDF Form

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