Inadvertent Careless, Ignorant, Unaware.
Fortitude Determination, Stamina, Grits ,Guts, Courage, Strength
Duplicity Deceit, Mislead, Dishonest, Practice.
Fidelity Faithfulness, Loyalty, Conscientious, Reliability, Devotion.
Vanguard Officer, Leading, Position
Taciturn Reticent, Aloof, Reserved, Quiet, Introverted, Distant.
Artisan Skilled, Craftsperson
Amicable Friendly, polite, belligerent, Cordial
Aversion Strong, Dislike, Repugnance
Mitigate Lessen, Allay, Moderate, Diminish, Alleviate
Alien Foreign, Outsider, Non citizen.
Fallacy Mistaken, Belief, Invalid Argument, Deceptiveness, False
Explicit Clear, Obvious, Definite
Ceremonial Formal, Nominal. Ritual
Heritage Heredity, Inheritance, Richest of past
Adverse Unfavorable, Antagonistic, Contrary.
Generous Kind, Noble, Substantial, Full flavored
Accede Assent, Come to power, Sign treaty.
Guilty Ashamed, Culpable
Irresolute Undecided, Unfinalized, Unsure, Indecisive, Cowardly.

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