Synonyms for SSC

Synonyms for SSC

AssertionDeclaration, Allegation, Confirmation
AnodyneBenign, Colourless, Dull, Netral
AssembleMass, Gather, Collect
AlluringAttractive, Tempting, Charming
AgileAlert, Responsive, Nimble
AccrueCollect, Accumulate, Add
ArtisanSkilled, Craftsperson
AmicableFriendly, polite, belligerent, Cordial
AversionStrong, Dislike, Repugnance
AlienForeign, Outsider, Non-citizen.
AuraHalo, Impression,
AdverseUnfavourable, Antagonistic, Contrary.
AccedeAssent, Come to power, Sign treaty.
AffluentWealthy, Rich, Prosperous
BarrenDesolate, Infertile
ConstraintControl, Restriction, Limitation
CongenialCompatible, Friendly, Amiable
CoveBay, Inlet
ChoosySelective, Picky, Particular
CeremonialFormal, Nominal. Ritual
DuplicityDeceit, Mislead, Dishonest, Practice
DiligentUntiring, Hardworking, Attentive
DepleteReduce, Exhaust, Drain
DelinquentOffending, Crook, Criminal
DerogatorySarcastic, Offensive, Insulting
EnrageInfuriate, Anger,
EnunciateArticulate, Express, Speak
ExplicitClear, Obvious, Definite
FoliageGreenery, Flora
FortitudeDetermination, Stamina, Grits, Guts, Courage, Strength
FurtiveSecretive, Cautious
FallacyMistaken, Belief, Invalid Argument, Deceptiveness, False
FidelityFaithfulness, Loyalty, Conscientious, Reliability, Devotion.
FraudulentDeceitful, Fake, False
FestivityCelebration, Joy
GenerousKind, Noble, Substantial, Full flavoured
GuiltyAshamed, Culpable
GlumDismal, Morose
HaughtyArrogant, Proud, Snooty
HeritageHeredity, Inheritance, Richest of past
Inadvertent Careless, Ignorant, Unaware.
InsidiousCrafty, Dangerous
Integrate Unite, Amalgamate, connect, Join
IdlenessLethargy, Joblessness
InstigateKindle, Prompt, Activate
InterspersedScattered, Sprinkled, Spread
IrresoluteUndecided, Unfinalized, Unsure, Indecisive, Cowardly.
IndomitableInvincible, Strong, Stubborn
JovialJoyous, Happy, Jolly
KitEquipment, Stuff, Gear
LurkProwl, Loiter, Skulk
MoroseSullen, Miserable, Glum
Mandate Official order, Command, permission
MitigateLessen, Allay, Moderate, Diminish, Alleviate
MotifDesign, Shape, Logo
NebulousVague, Hazy, Tenuous
OccurHappen, Take place, Arise
OpulentSumptuous, Lavish
prodigiousImmense, Abnormal
PrejudiceBias, Injustice, Unfairness
PleasantRefreshing, Enjoyable, Lovely
PenuryPoverty, Indigence
PedigreeLineage, Ancestry
QuarrelsomeQuerulous, Difficult
ResilientSupple, Tough, Durable, Flexible
ReproachBerate, Blame, Rebuke
RowdyBoisterous, Disruptive
ReproachBerate, Blame, Rebuke
ReconcileResolve, Settle, Reunite, Merge
RindPeel, Skin, Crust, Coating
SurgeRush, Flow, Pour
SalvageSave, Rescue
TarnishDamage, Dull
TrustBelief, Faith, Reliance
TaciturnReticent, Aloof, Reserved, Quiet, Introverted, Distant.
ToleranceEndurance, Fortitude, patience
VanguardOfficer, Leading, Position

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