Spot the Error

Spot the Error

1) I work much A)/on Sundays B)/than the other days C)/No error D)
2) Everyone says A)/ that his folly has brought B)/ his ruins.C)/ No error D)
3) He never goes A)/ in an arrow’s flight B)/ of her C) /No error D)
4) He sat in darkness A)/ for the light B)/went out C)/ No error D).
5) She as well they A)/ were here B)/ for their Lunch C)/ No error D).
6) No Country of the world A)/ is as beautiful as B)/ India C)/ No error D).
7)I respect him A)/ as B)/ he is my father C)/ No error D).
8) No sooner does he see his mother A)/ when B)/ he touches her feet C)/ No error D).
9) I will stand by you A)/ in B)/ thick and thin C)/ No error D).
10) Many people go without A)/ two square meal B)/ in India C)/ No error D).

Answer 1-A, 2-B, 3-B, 4-B, 5-B, 6-A, 7-B, 8-B, 9-B, 10-B

11 Many a man A)/ have B)/ been working C)/ under me D). /No error E).
12) Many a person A)/ have lost B)/ their life C)/ and property in the riots.D)/ No error E)
13) Cattles A)/were grazing B)/ in the meadows C)/ near our farm.D)/ No error E)
14) In my youth A)/ I used to B)/ visit C)/ Sharma’s and Chawla’s company.D)/ No error E)
15) This girl A)/wrote an essay B)/ so well that C)/ her teacher was exceedingly pleased with her.D)/ No error
16) The old man told A)/ his son that B)/ there was no such thing C)/ for luck. D)/ No error E)
17) Bacteria is A)/ probably the most B)/common form C)/of life on earth.D)/ No error.
18) The Conference was A)/ attended B)/ by more than C)/ one hundred delegates.D)/ No error.
19) Alms A)/ are given B)/to the poors. C)/ No error D)
20) It is a big blunder A)/ but we had B)/ to ignore it C)/ No error D)

Answer:- 11-B,12-B, 13-A, 14-D, 15-B,16- 17-D, 18- 19-C, 20-

21) This is one of A)/ the most interesting book B)/ I have C)/ ever read D)/
22) No girl A)/ in her troupe is B)/ so sprightly as C)/your daughter.D)/
23) The father A) /as well as the sons were B)/mysteriously missing C)/from the house.D/
24) India is A)/one of the leading B)/film producing country C)/in the world.D/
25) The only criteria A)/to judge a person B) / is C)/to observe his behaviour.D)/
26) None of the two girls A)/ who were present B)/ there appeared to be inclined C)/to listen to same advice.D/
27) Either Reena or Tina A) / are in the wrong B)/ both can certainly C)/ never be D)/
28) A weather A)/map is B)/ an important tool C)/ for geographers.D/
29) The teacher said to the boys A)/that B)/one ought to work hard C)/to earn his living.D)/.
30) This question A) /has B)/given me C)/lot of trouble.D/

21-B, 22-B, 23-B, 24-C, 25-A, 26-A, 27-B, 28- NE, 29-D, 30-D.

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