Some important one liner of Science with explanation.

Some important one liner of Science

1.The mass of a body at the centre of the Earth is zero (why?)—Due to gravitational force zero at the centre.

2.If a body falls freely vertically downward then the value of g is taken as positive(why?) —Due to increase of velocity of the body. & Vice Versa

3.A man with a load of 10kg in his head walking around a circular park and covered a distance of 1000 metres and finally stop at his staring point then the total work done by man is zero(why?)— due to displacement covered by him is zero

4.If a block of wooden is pulled from both sides with equal forces , the block will not move(why?)—due to net foce acting on the body is zero ie called balanced force

5.A person standing in a bus falls backward when bus starts moving suddenly.(why?)—due to inertia of rest

6.A high jump athletic event,the athletes made to fall either on a caustioned bed or on a sand bed(why?)—due to momentum of his/her body.

7.When a gun is fired it push the gun-man back (why?)—due to recoiling of gun,Newton’s 3rd law of Motion

8.A great force is required to stop a heavy body than a light body(why?)—due to higher mass and higher momentum

9.A bullet Pierce (hole) in a Target but not a stone (why?)— due to it’s higher velocity

10.When a fielder catch a ball in the cricket ground he back his hand (why?)— due to impulsive force of the ball otherwise the fingurs or palm get injured

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11.The weight is felt by a man in a lift is higher that of his original weight when the lift accelerating upwards (why)—due to gravitational force of the earth and vice versa

12.We used lubricants and ball bearing in the wheels of the vehicles (why?)—due to avoid friction

13. When a motorcycle moves in the globe in a circus, it is not fall in the globe (why?)— due to centripetal force

14.A geostationary satellite appears to be at a fixed position to an observer on the Earth(why?)—due to same revolution of both

15.A rocket is moves upward with velocity 12km/sec, the Scientists are unable to get it back to the Earth (why?)—due to escape velocity of anything on the Earth’s surface is 11.2km/s which is higher than it’s limit

16.The work done by a body is maximum when force and displacement are in the same direction (why?)—due to making angle zero between them

And Minimum at 90°

17.When two stones struck, a spark appears (why?)—due to conversation of work done into heat

18.A fan starts when the switch is on (why?)—due to conversion of electric energy to mechanical energy

And so on for other conversion’s example

19.Siver is used for interconnection of the cell in a solar panel(why?)—due to(silver) best conductor of heat and electricity

20.Quartz and Phosphor bronze regain their original configuration completely after the withdrawal of applied force(why?)—due their perfectly elastic body

21.Strain has no units(why?)—due to it is the ratio of same things

22.Glass is more elastic than rubber (why?)—due to the strain produced in glass is much smaller than in rubber

23.The handles of bags or suitcase are made broad having more area(why?)—due to small pressure acting on it

24.A fountain pen comes out (why?)—due to low atmospheric pressure

25.Causing bleeding from nose at heights (why?)—due to low pressure

26.It is difficult to cook food at higher altitude (why?)—due to low pressure

27.A boat floats in water but not a small piece of iron (why?)—due to buoyancy

28.The gas balloon rises in air(why?)—due to buoyancy

29.Ice floats in a liquid (why?)—due to the weight of water displaced is equal to the weight of the ice.

30.small drops of rain are spherical (why?)—due to surface tension

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