RRB NTPC- Practice Set-10

RRB NTPC- Practice Set-10

RRB NTPC- Practice Set-10 – On the basis of the papers of previous years RRB Examination this post is created for the serious aspirant who is trying to check their ability for the coming NTPC exam. In this test 50 questions related to GK, Current Affairs Reasoning and Maths are given with 30 Mins timer. This is totally free to test yourself online.

RRB NTPC- Practice Set-10

Examination Pattern

General Awareness & Current Affairs40

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If ACTOR is coded as ZXGLI and BOOK is coded as YLLP, then PENCIL will be coded as

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Choose the correct alternative from the given that will complete the series.


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Which country has declared a national emergency to tackle the attack of Locust Swarms?

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A and B can dig a pond in 8 and 14 days respectively. If the cost of the digging of the pond is 4400. Then find the share of B.

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The sum of the digit of smallest number which when multiplied by 900, gives a perfect cube?

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Which one of the following lake in India has the highest water salinity?

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If 2x= sinθ, and 2/x = cosθ then find the value of  4(x²+1/x²)

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Which type of lake is formed by Volcano activities?

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A solid sphere of 6 cm diameter is melted and recast into 8 solid spheres of equal volume. The radius of each small sphere is

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In a certain code, R is %, E is #, D is @and A is Δ. How DARE is written in that code.

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Fileria is transmitted by

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The compound interest on Rs 2400 at the rate of interest 8% per annum for 6 months, when the interests to be calculated half yearly.

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AB is the diameter of a circle and ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral in it. If angle ACD = 40º, then the measure of angle BAD is:-

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A train run with a uniform speed passes a platform, 122 meters long, in 17 seconds and a bridge, 210 meters long, in 25  seconds, The speed of the train is:-

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The area of a rectangle be (x² + 7x + 10) sq cm, then one of the possible perimeters of it is:-

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P,Q,R are the three points so that  PQ = 3cm, QR =5cm and PR = 8 cm. Number of circles passing through the points P,Q,R is

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The Union cabinet has adopted the Panchayati Raj Act in which state/UT?

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Sub Marine move underwater. They have engines that run on

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Mohammad Taufiq Allawi has been appointed as the prime minister of which country?

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Who appoints secretory general of the Lok Sabha?

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Who has been appointed as Ambassador of India to Nepal

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Saad al- Hariri has been named as the new Prime minister of which country?

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If a-b = 18, and a³-b³ = 324, then find the value of ab.

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The Judge of supreme court hold office till they reach the age of

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"Vinegar" is a commercial name of

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Which country has recently decided to impose 3% of digital tax on large tech companies from 2020?

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Gagan said Indicating the picture of Amit that the husband of the mother of his sister is the father of the husband of the mother of my daughter. Find the relation Between Amit and Gagan.

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Select the related letters from the given alternatives:

NR : MI : : BK : ?

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Who was the first Indian to become a member of the British Parliament?

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A is the father of B and C. B is the son of A. C is not the son of A. How is C related to A.

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Which Airport is the first in India to launch "e-bearding facility" for international passengers?

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The cost price of a book is Rs 150. If it is sold on two successive discounts of 30% and 40%. The find the selling price of the book.

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Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?

_a_aaaba_ _ ba_ab_

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The item "Education" belongs to the

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Which union ministry has launched "E-Dharti Geo Portal"?

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In a certain language, BUTTER is coded as CVUUFS, BREAD is coded as CSFBE, then how COFFEE is coded?

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Which state has banned all type of online lottery scheme in the state

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The X-intercept of the graph of 5x +6y = 30 is:-

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The length of each edge of a regular tetrahedron is 12 cm. The area of the total surface of the tetrahedron is:-

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Four kids P, Q, R and S are up on the ladder. P is further up the ladder than Q. Q is between P and R. If S is further up than P. Who is the third from the bottom?

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The person who was colour blind cannot distinguish between

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Which one of the four interchanges in signs and numbers would make the given equation correct?

6 × 4 + 2 = 16

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A man 6 ft tall caste a shadow 4 ft long at the same time when a flag pole casts a shadow 50 ft long. the height of the flag pole is:-

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The compound interest on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 10% per annum is Rs 420/-. The simple interest on the same sum at the same rate and for the same time will be:-

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Find the wrong number in the given series.

44 , 38, 35, 37, 48, 76, 135


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In which state is the Guru Shikhar Peak is located?

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The third battle of Panipat was fought between

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Indian Origin Wavel Ramkalawan has been elected as the President of which country?

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Chola kings were ruling over

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The biological death of a patient means the death of tissue of the

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If in a certain code SKY IS BLUE is written as 815,  BLUE AND RED are written as 725, RAM LIKES RED is written as 203, and SITA AND RAM is written as 379. Then how RAM LIKES BLUE is written in that language.

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Which one of the following zones of the atmosphere is rich in ozone gas?

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The surface tension of water on adding detergent to it

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