New Privacy Policy of Whatsapp|Is it Safe to Accept it?

New Privacy Policy of Whatsapp

What is WhatsApp New privacy policy?

The New WhatsApp Privacy policy has come for its billion users in the whole world. In this new policy Now, WhatsApp has declared that it can share our data with Facebook and its related companies like Facebook messenger, Instagram. In this new policy, there is no any option to denied either we have to accept it on or before 8th February 2021 or WhatsApp will not allow us to use its application.

New Privacy Policy of Whatsapp

It is not new for us WhatsApp already did this before. In the privacy policy of June 2020, there is an option given in the setting of WhatsApp where we can check out and close our data to share with any other companies, But now in the new policy, we could not do it. Now the question arises here for every user of WhatsApp.

New Privacy Policy of Whatsapp

Is WhatsApp safe and private?

Of course, there are no changes in the end to end encryption of messages. The third person cannot read the content of our messages, but the third party can read the messages of the business accounts. So it is hazardous to send any type of sensitive data in the business accounts.

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which type of data will be shared by WhatsApp? The list is given below:-

  • Hardware Model of your Mobile
  • Operating System used.
  • I.P Address
  • Signal Strength
  • Time Zone
  • Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Status
  • Contact Details

Now it becomes very easy to surveillance by the government as Whatsapp could not deny now that it has no data of its users.

Note:- This policy will not work in the European Countries as there is a law of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.

What are the solution of it?

First Solution:Delete the Whatsapp application from your mobile and use any other alternative like Telegram, Signal, BiP.

Second Solution:- Avoid to use business account of Whatsapp, Real Name, Status, DP.

Use Virtual Private Network that no one can trace your location.

In my opinion first solution is the better option.

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