Invention & Discoveries

Invention & Discoveries

Invention:- A creation of something which is totally new with one’s own idea and development.

Discovery:– A discovery is the recognizing of something which exists for the first time.

TelephoneGraham Bell1874
Fountain penLewis Edson Waterman1884
DNA StructureJames watson & Francis Crick1869
RadioGuglielmo Marconi1894
Vulcanized RubberCharles GoodYear1839
Air ConditionerWillis Haviland Carrier1902
TelevisionJohn Logie Baird1926
ComputerCharles Babbage1833
MicrosoftBill Gates & Paul Alien1975
InternetRobert Kahn & Vinton Cerf1973
EmailRaymond Samuel Tomilson1971
World wide webTim Berners Lee1989
Dynamite Alfred Nobel1867
ElevatorElisha G Otis1852
X-RayWilhelm Conrad Roentgen1895
RadiumMarrie Curie1898
LaserTheodore H. Maiman1960
Electric BulbThomas Alva Edison1879
Electric FanSchuyler SkaatsWheeler1882
AutomobileKarl Friedrich Benz1885
AeroplaneRight Brothers1903
StethoscopeRene Laennec1816
Vaccine Edward jenner1796
Polio VaccineDr Jonas Salk1955
PenicillineAlexander Fleming1928

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