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Human Relation

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1) Avik is the son of Ritesh. Sangita Ritesh’s sister has a son Jeet and a daughter Priya.
. How is avik related to Jeet?


a) Nephew, b) Cousin,
c) Uncle, d) None of these.
2) Pointing to a man, Rina said, ” He is the
brother of the Daughter of the wife of my
husband. ” How is the man is related to Rima

a) Son, b) Husband, c) Cousin, d) Nephew
3) Pointing to a Boy Namrata says, ” he is the
son of my grandfather’s only child.” How is the boy related to Namrata

a) Brother, b) Cousin, c) uncle, d) Father
4) Introducing a woman a man said, ” Her mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt. “
How is the man related to the woman
a) Cousin, b) Nephew, c) Brother in law, d) Uncle
5) Pointing to a lady a man said, ” The son of her only brother is the brother of my wife. ” How is the lady related to the man?
a) Mother’s sister, b) Grandmother, c) Mother In law, d) Sister of the father in law
6)Pointing to a lady in the photograph,
Prakash told. ” She is the only daughter of my mother’s brother.” How is Prakash related to the lady in the Photograph?


a) Brother, b) Cousin, c) Nephew, d) Data Inadequate
7) Pointing to a lady in a garden Mahima
said, ” She is the sister of the father of my
Mother’s son.” Who is the lady to Mahima
a) mother, b) Sister, c) Aunt, d) Niece
8)Pointing to a photograph a woman says.
This man’s son’s sister is my mother-in-law. How is the woman’s husband related to
the man in the photograph
a) Grandson, b) Son, c) Son in law, d) Nephew
9) Pointing to a girl in the photograph, Amar
said, Her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father. How is the girl’s mother related to Amar
a) Mother, b) Sister, c) Aunt, d) Cannot be determined
10)Sobha is the niece of Ashish, Ashish’s mother is Priya. Kamla is Priya’s mother. Kamla’s husband is Hari. Krishna is the mother in law of Hari. How Shobha related to Hari?
a) Daughter, b) great grand daughter, c) Grandniece, d) Great grandson’s daughter

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