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Hagia Sophia


Hagia-Sophia is one of the greatest architecture of the world located in Istanbul the capital of Turkey. It is an important monument for both Byzantine and Ottoman empire. The meaning of hagia Sophia is “Holy-Knowledge” 

Turkey Known as gateway of Europe was ruled by Christian in 532 AD. It is the time when Islam religion was not exist in the whole world. The Prophet Hazrat Mohammad saheb was took born in 22 April 571 AD and after that Islam came into existence. 


mosaic of Justinian I (Ravenna)
mosaic of Justinian I (Ravenna)

In 532 AD when Byzantine empire ruled over Qustuntunia presently known as Istanbul/Turkey King Justinnian-I ordered to build a marvelous church which was never built before and will not be in future. It was constructed beside the bank of Bosporus river with 10 thousand labors.  Five years time had been taken to complete it and cost was 150 tonn gold. It was ready in 537 AD.


This construction was the Headquarter of the Eastern Orthodox Church or state Church of Roman Empire for more than 900 years. Several times it was destroyed by Earth quake. In 18th century Christian intruders destroyed it and reconstruct as a Catholic Church. It is an architectural intelligence and the first master piece of Byzantine architecture. It has been the largest Cathedral for 1000 years until Seville Cathedral was built. This structure has a rectangular shape and a vast square nave is covered with a central dome. The arcade around the dome is unbroken with 40 arched windows to bring the light inside. The circular domes are fitted over  a square plan.

In 1299 Sultan Usman conquered the Byzantine empire. In 1453 Qustuntunia were fully destroyed and Sultan Mohammad -II convert the Hagia Sophia into a Mosque in 1458. The cross sign were converted into the symbol of Moon. It was declared as the property of Sultan Mohammad Al Fateh trust. Today the present structure of Hagia Sophia was built by Usmania Dynasty. Ever since it has model and inspiration for many of the Islamic Mosques.

Mustafa Kemal Etatruq was the founder of modern Turkey. He ended the kingship of Usmania and made turkey a democratic country. He declared Turkey as a secular country and ended the Sariah rule of Islam which is remains till now.  He banned to offer Namaz in Hagia Sophia despite it was the property of Sultan Mohammad Al Fateh trust. In 1934 it was converted into a Museum and after one year in 1935 it was opened to all . It was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

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