Current Affairs-2020 Quiz-1

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C-A- June

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What is the theme of the ‘world Menstrual Hygiene Day’ observed on May 28 every year

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Which famous technology company has launched a short music videos application called “ Collab” ?

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What is the name of the rajya sabha member and MD of Malayalam daily Mathrbhumi, who recently passed away?

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Which Indian personality has been selected by the UNICEF to spread awareness on Menstrual Hygiene.

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Which country is the last among G7 nations to join the association Artificial Intelligence (AI) group?

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What is the theme of the international Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, 2020? Observed in 29th may.

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Which state has launched the Rozgar setu scheme for skilled migrant workers?

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AJit Jogi who was recently passed away, was the first chief minister of which state?

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National Geographic channel in collaboration with Drinking water ministry has released a film about which government scheme?

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What was te growth in real Gross Domestic Products of India in the year 19-20?

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Which country has terminated its relationship with WHO over its handling of the corona Virus pandemic?

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The Union Government has approved Rs 445 Crore for implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission in which State/UT?

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Which major technology company has launched a new application named “Sodar” to help people maintain distancing.

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K-FON project that is to be implemented in kerela this year is associated with which field?

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Which state is to launch a project to develop 800 km roads as herbal roads?

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Asshwani Bhatia has been appointed as the new Managing director of which Indian public sector Bank?

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Which is the first private space company to send astronauts into space?

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Who has been nominated by the  for Board of control  for cricket in India (BCCI) for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

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What is the name of the programme launched by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, in collaboration with Intel India?

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Which state/UT is set to produce the high quality Australian Merino sheep wool indigenously?

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Which state owned organization has developed a multi purpose disinfection unit named Ultra Swachh?

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What are the large group of asteroids that share the Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun, commonly called as?

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What is the name of the former Union minister and 3 times Member of Parliament from Laddakh, who recently passed away?

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Which state recently celebrated its statehood day on June -2?

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What is the name of the cyclone that has intensified into a cyclone storm that is expected to cross Maharashtra ad Gujrat coasts?

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Which country has announced its eleventh outbreak of Ebola virus disease?

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Which private foundation is set to become the largest funder of the WHO?

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Which state has launched a month drive to spread awareness about COVID-19 pandemic under Mission Fateh?

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Which player has been nominated for the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award by Hockey India?

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Which country is to deliver Rafale fighter Air-Craft to India?

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