Direction Test

Direction Test

1) One evening before sunset two friends Suman and Amit were talking to each other face to face. If Suman’s shadow was exactly to his right side, which direction was Amit facing?a) East, b) West
c) North, d) South

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2) Ramesh starts walking towards East from a point ‘S’ after walking 15 m turns to his left and walks 12 m turning to his left and finally walks 20 m turning to his left and reaches a point Q. How far and in which direction is he from the point ‘S’a) 15M South, b) 22 M South East, c) 12 M South, d) 13 M south-West.
13 M South – West
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3) Rahul travels 12 Km towards South and then turns left and travels 6 km and then turns right and covers another 5 km. He then turns to the right-hand side and travels another 6 km. How far is he from his starting point? a) 15km, b) 16km, c) 17km ,d) 18km
17 km
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4) Sumit goes 8 km towards North then turns left and moves 10 km, again he turns left and moves 8 km, how far is he from the starting point? a) 7km, b) 8km, c) 10km, d) 18km
10 km
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5) A cat runs 20 metres towards East and turns to the right runs 10 metres and turns to the right, runs 9 metres and again turns to left, runs 5 metres and then turn to left, runs 12 metres and finally turns to left and run 15 metres. How far is the Cat from his starting point?a)24 m b) 20 m, c)23 m, d)30 m.
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6) Sohail with his face pointing to the South-East direction. He walks 15 metres and then turns northwards and walks another 12 metres. How far is he
from the starting point?
a)3m, b) 27m, c) 9m, d) None of these.
7)After walking 6 km, I turned right and covered a distance of 4 km, then turned right and covered 10 km distance. In the end, I was moving towards the South from which direction did I start my Journey?a)North, b) South, c) East, d) West
8) If a man on a Bicycle starts from point A towards South. Then he turns left and goes 2 km and then he turns right and goes another 2 km.
Which direction is going now?
A) East, b) West, c) North, d) South.
9) Riya started to move in the North and moved 15 m. Then she turned to her right and moved 25m. After this, she turned to her right and moved 35m.
Now how far is she from her starting position?
10) Pankaj went 8 Kms South and turned West and walked 3 Kms, again he turned North and walked 5 Kms. He took a final turn to East and walked 3 Kms. In which direction was Pankaj from the starting point ? a) East,b)North,c)West, d)South
11)Rajeev started to move in the direction of North and moved 8 m. Then he turned right and moved 15m and stopped there. Now how much distance he has to cover to reach the starting point? a)18m,b)17m,c)23m,d)35m
12)Subham started to move in the direction of East and moved 6 m. Then he turned to his right and moved 6m. After this, he walked 20m in the direction of North- West. Now how far is he from his starting point?a)15m,b)10m,c)19m,d) None of these
13) Starting from a point P Karan goes to 10 Km towards South-East & then turns towards west 8Km & reached another point to Q. How far is from the point of P and Q? a) 6km, b) 8km, c) 10km, d) 12km.
14)A faces North and walks 3 km. then turning to his right he walks 5 km. He again turns to his right and moves 3 Kms. Further, he turns to his right and walks 4 km. How far is A from his starting point?a) 1km, b) 2km, c) 3km, d) None of these.
15)A watch reads 4:30. If the minute hand points East, In whats direction will the Hour hand Point?a)North, b) North – East, c) South – East, d) North -West.

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