Direct into Indirect speech Test-3

Direct into Indirect speech Test-3

Direct into Indirect speech Test-3

Direct into Indirect Speech Test-3

Direct into Indirect Speech Test-3 is the free practice set for the preparation of SSC CGL and other govt examinations given here. One can easily attempt this practice set free of cost just by entering his/her email id. There are 15 questions on different types of narration based on the previous examination given here to solve.

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Narration Test-3

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"What a terrible storm it is!" he said.

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He said, "Be quiet and listen to my words."

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I said to the worker, "How do you like your job?"

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He bade his friends goodbye.

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Don't play on the grass, boys," He said."

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She said, "Will I have a happy married life?"

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He said. "I have passed the examination."

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Rahul said to him, "Please wait here till I return."

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Sita said, "I have not seen my grandfather for a very long time."

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"Do you know the way home?" I asked.

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She said, "Girls are usually more sincere than boys."

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The teacher said, "The earth revolves around the sun."

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I said, "I came here yesterday."

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Everybody says, 'How well she sings!'

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She yelled, "Please help me."

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