Current Affairs of May-19

India’s first central sport university has been approved by the union govt in the state Manipur.

The man booker international prize of 2018 is given to polish writer Olga Tokarczuk for her book Flight.

Guahati Railway station become the first station of India which run totally in solar panel.

In the Deoghar of Jharkhand AIIMS has been approved by the Union Govt.

The 11th Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences Humanatarian Award 2018 has been given to the Noble laureate from Bangladesh Md Yunus.

Gaofen-5 is the first high resolution satellite launched by China for observation of atmosphere.

Mahathir Mohammad the prime minister of Malaysia becomes the oldest serving prime minister of the world.

Maharashtra become the first state in India which issue the land ownership document online and accept digital signature on it.

The former cheif of Air staff and governor of Maharashtra took his last breath on 30th April was I.H. Latif.

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