Current Affairs-2020 Quiz-5

Current Affairs-2020 Quiz-5

Selected Questions of current affairs for SSC-CGL, SSC-CHSL, Railway NTPC & other central and state government Jobs recruitment examination is given here. Now it becomes very easy to judge your preparation, Only submit your email id and login to attempt the quiz.

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Current Affairs-2020 Quiz-5

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Which Indian state has recently banned bringing alcohols from other states?

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Which Indian state is the first to launch a project for free internet for poor families and public offices?

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Which Indian Airport has launched an On-site COVID-19 testing laboratory?

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Where is Project Air Care initiated?

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Which country has hosted the BRICS business forum 2020?

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Which city has broken the record of the world's largest fountain?

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Which typhoon has recently hit Vietnam?

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Which fighter aircraft  of Indian Airforce was retired recently

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On which product government has mandated BIS mark for production, sales, import and trade?

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Which state has banned all type of online lottery scheme in the state

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The Parliament of Israel has approved peace Deals with which country?

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Which Airport is the first in India to launch "e-bearding facility" for international passengers?

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Who has been appointed as Ambassador of India to Nepal

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The Typhoon Molave has hit which country recently?

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What is the Name of the third generation Anti-Tank Guided Missile which was successfully tested in Pokhran?

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Which country recorded the highest air pollution exposure globally in 2019, as per the State of Global Air 2020 report?

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Which union ministry has launched "E-Dharti Geo Portal"?

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Which country has offered its F18 naval fighter jets for Indian Navy?

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Which decade is named as the " Decade of Healthy Ageing" as per the World Health Organisation(WHO)?

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Which state has become the first to have high-tech classrooms in all its public schools?

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The name of the MP who entered in the Guinness book of the world record for winning a parliamentary election with the highest margin from Hajipur Constituency.

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Saad al- Hariri has been named as the new Prime minister of which country?

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Which country is to send the world's first mining robot named  "Asteroid Mining robot" into space?

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Which space agency has recently confirmed the presence of water on the moon?

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Which country has recently commenced operations of its first Nuclear Power plant?

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The Union cabinet has adopted the Panchayati Raj Act in which state/UT?

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Indian Origin Wavel Ramkalawan has been elected as the President of which country?

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Which country has introduced Deer-Friendly bags to stop animals like Nara Deer from eating plastics?

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Which country has launched a mega scheme to dredge 10,00 kilometers of riverways?

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Which country has recently decided to impose 3% of digital tax on large tech companies from 2020?

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Recently Indian and Canadian researchers have found evidence of Diary production in which Civilisation?

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Bipasha Chakrabarty has been appointed as the communication director of which technology company?

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"Immazeb" drug has been approved as the first drug for treating which disease?

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Which country has declared a national emergency to tackle the attack of Locust Swarms?

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Which country's cabinet has approved the law to include the Death penalty as the highest punishment for rape culprits?

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Which Indian state has been indexed the best-governed state in the public affairs Index 2020?

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Who has been appointed as the new Information Commissioner of India replacing Sudhir Bhargava.

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The evidence of 172 thousand-year-old river has been found at which state/UT of India?

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Which State/UT has exempted road tax on its battery operated vehicles?

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Which Country has recently adopted the "No Mask No service" policy?

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Which state becomes the top in the Anaemia Mukt Bharat index among all states and UT of India.

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Mohammad Taufiq Allawi has been appointed as the prime minister of which country?

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Denys Shmygal has been elected as the Prime minister of which chountry

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Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Netherlands?

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Which public sector company has been granted permission to use drones for inspection activities.

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Which institution has developed an online one-minute game to create awareness about Covid-19?

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India's first Dragon Fly Fossil was found in which state of India?

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Which Indian state has passed "Krishi Upad Mandi Amendment Bill 2020", to negate centre's agriculture bill.

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Where is India's first Sandalwood Museum established?

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What is the official name of the Mars 2020 rover of NASA?

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