Current Affairs-2020 Quiz-4

Current Affairs-2020 Quiz-4

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Which country has decided to export Hilsa fish to India on a limited scale?

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India has finalized a deal with which country for manufacturing AK-47 203 rifles in India?

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India has partnered with which two countries for 5G network communication?

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Which company has purchased 74% stake in Mumbai International Airports Limited (MIAL)?

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Which bacterial disease has hit china affecting over 3000 people?

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How many Indian beaches have been recommended by the Union Environment Ministry for Blue Flag international eco-label?

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India has initiated as anti-doping investigation on imports of Vitamin-C from which country?

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Which state has won the UN award for performance in Non- Communicable Disease-related SDG’s

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Which organisation is set to become the largest procurer of Covid-19 vaccines?


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In which state the government of India is going to setup the country’s first medical device park?

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Hichem Mechichi has been designated as the new Prime minister of which country?

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Which country has secured first position in the latest FIFA (Federation International Football Association)2020 rankings?

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What is the Theme of world coconut Day 2020 is-

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Which state has re-launched a self-employment scheme named "SVAYEM".

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Who is the president of the Indian institute of the public Administration (IIPA). 

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Pradhan Mantri  Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan (PM-AASHA) scheme comprises of ?

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Which public sector unit of India exited from Sudan, after non-Payment of Dues from the Country?

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Which bill is passed in Rajya sabha to bring a law that punishes those who attack Health workers or Doctors?

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Who has recently won the 48th annual world open chess tournament?

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What is the name of the illegal software that has been blocked by RPF of Indian railways?

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Which social media launched a new tool “Business Suite” to help small business?

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 Which country has allowed flights of all countries to cross its skies to reach the UAE.

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Which country would chair the south Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) meeting, to be held on Sep-24,2020?

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Which national park in India has added 3053 hectares into its range.

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Which Airline is the first Indian Carrier to offer Wi-Fi inside Flights?

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The first Roll On- Roll Off (RORO) service of which section of Indian Railways was flagged off recently?

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Rohtang Tunnel is renamed after which Prime Minister?

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What is the name of the Civil Service reforms program approved by the Indian government? 

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What is the rank of India in the World Bank 2020 Human Capital Index

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Which organization has initiated a probe into an accident involving Howitzer gun system in Pokhran?

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Which country is to send its expert teams to the United Nations mission to help Congo and South Sudan to help Covid-19.

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India has lifted the ban of which commodity, that was contracted by importers of Bangladesh?

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What is the name of the Typhoon that hit North Korea recently?

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What is the name of the Very Large Crude carrier hired by IOC Paradip refinery that has caught fire in.

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What is the name of the Typhoon that has hit Japan recently?

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Which Indian State has passed a bill to protect Tangible Heritage.

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Prithvi-II that was test-fired by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, belongs to which category of equipments?

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Which Indian state has launched the first  Integrated Air Ambulance Service?

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Which country has appointed the former Prime minister of Australia Mr Tonny Abott as a trade advisor?

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Who becomes the first Indian to win a Grand Slam singles main draw match in seven years?

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Which country has introduced penalties on companies in its “ Unreliable entity list”?

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Mustafa Adib has been nominated to be Prime Minister of which country?

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“A Promised Land” is a book being penned by which famous personality?

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Which mountain climber is known as “Snow Leopard”?

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National Jal Jeevan Mission launched an ICT Grand Challenge for “Smart water supply Monitoring System” along with which ministry?

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Hindi. Dogri and Kashmiri are set to become the official language of which state/UT

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Krushi Bhawan which recently won the Global Architecture and Design Award is located in which State?

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Which state government has decided to give cows to the families of Malnourished children?

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Where was the 36th National Games Originally scheduled to be held in 2020?

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Which mountain climber is known as “Snow Leopard”?

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