Change the Voice-5

Change the Voice-5

Change the Voice-5

Change the Voice-5

Change the Voice-5 is the free practice set for the preparation of SSC CGL and other govt examinations given here. One can easily attempt this practice set free of cost just by entering his/her email id. There are 15 questions on different types of voice based on the previous examination given here to solve.

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Change the Voice-5

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Prepare yourself for the worst.

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We must now deal with these problems.

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Pride and prejudice was written by Jane Austen.

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The boy laughed at the begger.

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He has not slept in his bed.

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It is impossible to do this.

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She was taken to the hospital by the people after her accident.

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The shopkeeper lowered the prices.

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You will be well looked after.

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They drew a circle in the morning.

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Don't touch this switch.

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You are requested to permit him.

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We must respect the elders.

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All Indian citizens enjoy the rights and respect.

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Let me be forgiven.

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