Citizenship Amendment Act OR ” Divide and Rule-2.0″

As we know that Act no 47 of 2019 i.e Citizenship Amendment Act-2019 was passed by majority in both the houses of parliament on 11 December 2019. On 12 December the president has signed on it and now it becomes bill. Basically this act amended the citizenship Act of 1955.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, 1955 describes 5 conditions for obtaining citizenship of India, such as 

1. Citizenship by Birth

2. Citizenship by Descent

3. Citizenship by Registration

4. Citizenship by Naturalization

5. Citizenship by incorporation of territory

In the citizenship amendment bill of 1955 a person has to stay in India at least 11 years to acquire citizenship, later it was reduced to 6 years in the citizenship amendment Act -16.

In the Citizenship bill -19 this period is reduced to 5 years only.

This bill provides the Indian Citizenship to 6 communities ( HINDU, SIKH, JAIN, BUDDHIST, PARSI, CHRISTIAN) from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. One point is noted that Muslims and Atheist are excluded by the BJP govt in this bill.

Under the 2019 amendment, migrants who had entered India by 31 December 2014, and had suffered religious persecution or fear of religious persecution” in their country of origin were made eligible for citizenship.

The front face of this act looks it is a very appreciative steps by the union govt of India.

The back and main reason of this act described below:-

As per Honorable Home Minister Shri Amit Shah NRC and CAA is the two side of a coin.

First they have passed the CAA in both the houses and after signing on it by the president it becomes Bill now. After this bill they are planing for NRC in the whole India.

As per an interview of Amit Shah Vot-id, Ration Card, Adhar Card, Passport, are not the valid documents of Indian Citizenship in NRC.

The valid documents are given here:-

  • 1951 NRC (if available)
  • Electoral Roll(s) up to 24 March (midnight), 1971
  • Land & Tenancy Records
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Permanent Residential Certificate
  • Refugee Registration Certificate
  • Any Govt. issued License/Certificate
  • Govt. Service/ Employment Certificate
  • Bank/Post Office Accounts
  • Birth Certificate
  • Board/University Educational Certificate
  • Court Records/Processes
  • Circle Officer/GP Secretary Certificate in respect of married women migrating after marriage

Most of the poor villagers, Tribes, farmers have not their proper documents which is describes above and also they have no money for their bread and butter how could they make their proper documents. After NRC the govt grab the citizenship of these people and again provide it as per CAB in which Muslims are easily removed by them and sent to detention centre made by the govt. . This Bill is also violates the Article 14 of the constitution.

India is a secular country and this type of religion based bill will not be acceptable by the nation.

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