Area & Perimeter

1) If the length of Hypotenuse of a right angled triangleis 5 cm and its area is 6 Sq cm then the length of the remaining sides are:-
a) 1cm & 3cm, b) 3cm &2cm,
c) 3cm & 4 cm, d) 4cm & 2cm.
2)If in a circle of a radius 21 cm an arc subtends an angle of 56 degrees at the centre then the length of the arc is:- a) 15.53cm, b) 16.53cm, c) 18.53cm, d) 20.53cm.
3) If the side of a square is increased by 8 cm, its area increases by 120 sq cm. The side of the square is:- a) 2.5cm, b) 3.5cm, c) 4.5cm, d) 5.5cm
4)A diagonal of a rhombus is 6 cm. If its area is 24 sq cm, then the length of each side of the rhombus is:-a) 5cm, b) 6cm, c) 8cm, d) 7cm
5) A wire is in the form of a circle of a radius 42 cm. If it is bent into a square, then the side of the square will be
a) 60cm, b) 62cm, c) 64cm, d) 66cm
6) If the are of Trapezium, whose parallel sides are 6 cm and 10 cm is 32 sq cm, then the distance between the parallel sides is:- a) 2cm, b) 4cm, c) 5cm, d) 8cm
7) If the area of a semi-circular plot is 11088 sq m, then its perimeter is :- a) 264m, b) 432m, c) 348m, d) 452m
8) If the area of a triangle with base 6cm is equal to the area of a square with side 6 cm, then the altitude of the triangle is:- a) 6cm, b) 9cm, c) 12cm, d) 15cm.
9) A rectangular plate of size 9 cm by 4 cm is to be melted and cast into a square of equal area but of the same thickness as the rectangular plate. The side of each square is:- a) 2cm, b) 3cm, c) 4cm, d) 4.5cm
10) If the diagonal of a rectangle is 13 cm and its perimeter 34 cm, then its area will be:- a) 442 sq cm, b) 260 sq cm, c) 60 sq cm, d) 20 sq cm

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